About HNN

The Halton Nonprofit Network began in June 2010 and had its formal “founding” meeting, with more than 50 people from 36 nonprofits in attendance, in February 2011.

The Network is mandated to bring nonprofits in the Halton area together to work on issues of common concern and to provide support to each other. Activities through which this mandate is met include:

  • capacity-building activities in nonprofits and in the sector;
  • information sharing ;
  • providing a common voice for the sector on policy development and community trends that have an impact on the sector, and;
  • mutual support.

Vision and Mission

The Network had an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant (2014-2016) that permitted it to further develop and deliver capacity-building supports to the sector in the Halton area.

Network activity was coordinated through a Coordinating Committee composed of representatives from a range of nonprofits. It had 2 Action Groups that looked at:

  • Information Sharing/Communication
  • Capacity Building

HNN, an emergent collaborative, was formed in response to a series of initiatives in Halton over the last several years (e.g., Funding Matters and the Chairman's Roundtable on the Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector in Halton) that identified the need for a collective voice for the sector.

The emergence of a shared vision and mission is an ongoing process as collaboratives develop, but for the moment people who are involved in the Network are motivated by the following vision and mission:


...a vibrant, respected and sustainable nonprofit sector working for the public benefit in Halton that is characterized by effective coordination and impact.


...facilitating communication, coordination, collaboration, sharing and the coming together of the nonprofit sector in Halton around issues of mutual interest.


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